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2nd ICML Workshop on Machine Learning for Astrophysics

Francois Lanusse · Marc Huertas-Company · Brice Menard · Laurence Perreault-Levasseur · J. Xavier Prochaska · Uros Seljak · Francisco Villaescusa-Navarro · Ashley Villar

Meeting Room 317 B

Sat 29 Jul, noon PDT

As modern astrophysical surveys deliver an unprecedented amount of data, from the imaging of hundreds of millions of distant galaxies to the mapping of cosmic radiation fields at ultra-high resolution, conventional data analysis methods are reaching their limits in both computational complexity and optimality. Deep Learning has rapidly been adopted by the astronomical community as a promising way of exploiting these forthcoming big-data datasets and of extracting the physical principles that underlie these complex observations. This has led to an unprecedented exponential growth of publications combining Machine Learning and astrophysics. Yet, many of these works remain at an exploratory level and have not been translated into real scientific breakthroughs.Following a successful initial iteration of this workshop at ICML 2022, our continued goal for this workshop series is to bring together Machine Learning researchers and domain experts in the field of Astrophysics to discuss the key open issues which hamper the use of Deep Learning for scientific discovery.

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Timezone: America/Los_Angeles