ICML @ Long Beach ·The Thirty-sixth International Conference on Machine Learning
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2019 Organizing Committee

General Chair:

Eric Xing  (Carnegie Mellon University)

Program Chairs:

Kamalika Chaudhuri (University of California, San Diego)
Ruslan Salakhutdinov (Carnegie Mellon University)

Workshop Chairs:

Arthur Gretton (University College London)
Honglak Lee (University of Michigan)

Tutorial Chairs:

Maria-Florina Balcan (Carnegie Mellon University)
Raia Hadsell (DeepMind)

Local Chair:

Andrea Brown (Salk Institute)

Sponsorship Chairs:

Erik Sudderth (University of California, Irvine)
Fei Sha (University of Southern California)

Publications Chairs:

Shakir Mohamed (DeepMind)
Alexandre Bouchard-Cote (University of British Columbia)

Press Chairs:

Katherine Gorman (Talking Machines / Collective Next)
Jennifer Wortman Vaughan (Microsoft Research)

Workflow Chairs:

Lisa Lee (Carnegie Mellon University)
Devendra Singh Chaplot (Carnegie Mellon University)
Paul Pu Liang (CMU)


ICML is the leading international machine learning conference and is supported by the International Machine Learning Society (IMLS).

The 36th International Conference on Machine Learning (ICML 2019) will be held in Long Beach, California Monday June 10 -- Saturday June 15, 2019.