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Workshop: 2nd ICML Workshop on Machine Learning for Astrophysics

Graph Representation of the Magnetic Field Topology in High-Fidelity Plasma Simulations for Machine Learning Applications

Ioanna Bouri · Fanni Franssila · Markku J. Alho · Giulia Cozzani · Ivan Zaitsev · Minna Palmroth · Teemu Roos


Topological analysis of the magnetic field in simulated plasmas allows the study of various physical phenomena in a wide range of settings. One such application is magnetic reconnection, a phenomenon related to the dynamics of the magnetic field topology, which is difficult to detect and characterize in three dimensions. We propose a scalable pipeline for topological data analysis and spatiotemporal graph representation of three-dimensional magnetic vector fields. We demonstrate our methods on simulations of the Earth's magnetosphere produced by Vlasiator, a supercomputer-scale Vlasov theory-based simulation for near-Earth space. The purpose of this work is to challenge the machine learning community to explore graph-based machine learning approaches to address a largely open scientific problem with wide-ranging potential impact.

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