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ICML 2023 Affinity Events

Affinity Workshop
Giulia Luise · Stephanie Milani · Priyadarshini Kumari · Tiffany Ding · Mandana Samiei

[ Meeting Room 316C ]

Main session: 316C

Breakout Rooms: 326A and 326B

The Women in Machine Learning (WiML) workshop was founded in 2006 to forge connections within the relatively small community of women working in machine learning, to encourage mentorship, exchange of ideas, and promote communication. The workshop attracts representatives from academia and industry whose contributed talks showcase some of the cutting-edge research done by women. In addition to technical presentations and discussions, the workshop aims to incite debate on promising research avenues and career choices for machine learning professionals. This year we are planning to hold an in-person un-workshop co-located with ICML 2023. The un-workshop included several time slots of small group discussions happening in parallel, which fosters a free-format discussion on pre-selected topics primarily driven by participants.

Affinity Workshop
Keoni Kealoha Mahelona · ʻŌiwi Parker Jones · Sinead A Williamson

[ Meeting Room 316C ]

This year's Indigenous in AI Workshop will cover four themes:

Theme 1: Large Models, Small Communities
Theme 2: Indigenous Data
Theme 3: The State of the Art in Indigenous AI
Theme 4: AI as a Tool to Empower Marginalized Communities

Each theme will have speakers talking to these themes followed by discussion. Our aim to highlight the key issues facing indigenous and marginalized communities, how these communities are leading their own change, and strategies for working together and catalyzing changes in the wider industry.

More details coming soon.

Affinity Workshop
Laura Montoya · Jose Gallego-Posada · Pablo Rivas · Vinicius Carida · Mateo Espinosa Zarlenga · Carlos Miranda · Andres Marquez · Ramesh Doddaiah · David Alvarez-Melis · Ivan Dario Arraut Guerrero · Mateo Guaman Castro · Ana Maria Quintero-Ossa · Fabian Latorre · Julio Hurtado · Jaime David Acevedo-Viloria · Miguel Felipe Arevalo-Castiblanco

[ Meeting Room 315 ]

The LatinX in AI research workshop is a one-day event with invited speakers, oralpresentations, and posters. The event brings together faculty, graduate students, research scientists, and engineers for an opportunity to connect and exchange ideas. There will be a panel discussion and a mentoring session to discuss current research trends and career choices in artificial intelligence and machine learning, highlighting the unique challenges of LatinX identifying researchers. The workshop aims to create a platform for the work of Latinx researchers and we invite everyone to attend.