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Wed 21:00 Interpreting and Disentangling Feature Components of Various Complexity from DNNs
Jie Ren · Mingjie Li · Zexu Liu · Quanshi Zhang
Wed 18:35 On the Explicit Role of Initialization on the Convergence and Implicit Bias of Overparametrized Linear Networks
Hancheng Min · Salma Tarmoun · Rene Vidal · Enrique Mallada
Wed 9:00 Toward Understanding the Feature Learning Process of Self-supervised Contrastive Learning
Zixin Wen · Yuanzhi Li
Wed 18:35 Contrastive Learning Inverts the Data Generating Process
Roland S. Zimmermann · Yash Sharma · Steffen Schneider · Matthias Bethge · Wieland Brendel
Thu 20:45 Learner-Private Convex Optimization
Jiaming Xu · Kuang Xu · Dana Yang
Wed 9:00 Provable Robustness of Adversarial Training for Learning Halfspaces with Noise
Difan Zou · Spencer Frei · Quanquan Gu
Tue 19:30 A Bit More Bayesian: Domain-Invariant Learning with Uncertainty
Zehao Xiao · Jiayi Shen · Xiantong Zhen · Ling Shao · Cees Snoek
Thu 21:00 Average-Reward Off-Policy Policy Evaluation with Function Approximation
Shangtong Zhang · Yi Wan · Richard Sutton · Shimon Whiteson
Wed 9:00 Uncertainty Principles of Encoding GANs
Ruili Feng · Zhouchen Lin · jiapeng zhu · Deli Zhao · Jingren Zhou · Zheng-Jun Zha
Wed 18:40 Finding the Stochastic Shortest Path with Low Regret: the Adversarial Cost and Unknown Transition Case
Liyu Chen · Haipeng Luo
Wed 7:00 Inferring serial correlation with dynamic backgrounds
Song Wei · Yao Xie · Dobromir Rahnev