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Tue 18:25 Causal Curiosity: RL Agents Discovering Self-supervised Experiments for Causal Representation Learning
Sumedh Sontakke · Arash Mehrjou · Laurent Itti · Bernhard Schölkopf
Wed 5:40 Generalization Guarantees for Neural Architecture Search with Train-Validation Split
Samet Oymak · Mingchen Li · Mahdi Soltanolkotabi
Thu 5:00 Scaling Up Visual and Vision-Language Representation Learning With Noisy Text Supervision
Chao Jia · Yinfei Yang · Ye Xia · Yi-Ting Chen · Zarana Parekh · Hieu Pham · Quoc Le · Yun-Hsuan Sung · Zhen Li · Tom Duerig
Tue 6:40 Generative Video Transformer: Can Objects be the Words?
Yi-Fu Wu · Jaesik Yoon · Sungjin Ahn
Tue 21:00 On the Predictability of Pruning Across Scales
Jonathan Rosenfeld · Jonathan Frankle · Michael Carbin · Nir Shavit
Tue 21:00 Emphatic Algorithms for Deep Reinforcement Learning
Ray Jiang · Tom Zahavy · Zhongwen Xu · Adam White · Matteo Hessel · Charles Blundell · Hado van Hasselt
Thu 21:00 Regularizing towards Causal Invariance: Linear Models with Proxies
Michael Oberst · Nikolaj Thams · Jonas Peters · David Sontag
Wed 9:00 Efficient Performance Bounds for Primal-Dual Reinforcement Learning from Demonstrations
Angeliki Kamoutsi · Goran Banjac · John Lygeros
Wed 21:00 How Does Loss Function Affect Generalization Performance of Deep Learning? Application to Human Age Estimation
Ali Akbari · Muhammad Awais · Manijeh Bashar · Josef Kittler
Wed 21:00 Provably Efficient Reinforcement Learning for Discounted MDPs with Feature Mapping
Dongruo Zhou · Jiafan He · Quanquan Gu
Wed 9:00 TempoRL: Learning When to Act
André Biedenkapp · Raghu Rajan · Frank Hutter · Marius Lindauer