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Press Policy:

You can apply for a press pass to ICML 2024 here. The deadline is July 5

Notification of acceptance or denial of the press pass will take place on a rolling basis.
Journalists receiving a press pass will receive an email and will be directed to register for the
conference. The review of applications ends on July 10, no passes will be granted after that
time. Information regarding how to obtain your virtual credentials will be sent to you via email
once the press pass is approved. Each member of your team attending the conference needs to
submit an application.

Journalists who are given accreditation will receive complimentary registration for the Main
Conference, as well as to Tutorials and Workshops where speakers/organizing groups have
decided to allow in the press. All accredited journalists will be given the same level of access to
the conference and its activities. Accredited journalists will also get access to certain additional
information. Given the virtual nature of the conference this year, additional resources, such as
facilitating requests for meetings with specific researchers, may be considered. Such requests
should be sent to

Some information presented at ICML may be proprietary or off the record. Accredited journalists
attending the conference will be provided guidelines in advance of the conference. On the
record taping, if permitted, will be restricted to specific events and times, and only in agreement
with the recorded people. Interviews should be scheduled with the communications teams of the
interviewee and take place separately. If you want to write about a conversation with a
researcher, please ask for their consent first, and clearly identify yourself as a journalist.

Journalists will have access to most workshops. However, please keep in mind that workshops
are a forum for research work in progress. Workshop papers are only lightly reviewed, and the
presented work is typically not as complete as the main conference papers. Please keep this in
mind, add the above note to any reports that are based on workshop contents, and do not report
about workshop papers at the same level as main conference papers.