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Getting Started

Vienna-Convention-Center.jpgMeeting Destination Vienna Logo


The official entrance for attendees is Foyer A at Messeplatz 1, 1020 Vienna. The closest subway station is U2 Messe/Prater. Closest car parking is the Public Car Park A.


This is a cautionary tale about timezones. Several attendees have noticed that the times shown on the virtual website appeared incorrect. The problem was that they chose a timezone that did not adjust for daylight savings time. We highly recommend picking a timezone based on a nearby city, especially if your area observes daylight savings time. Timezones are political and complex and thus confusing. Please check your timezone, and preferably choose a zone based on a city. Note that we are currently in Daylight Savings Time rather than Standard time in most, but not all of the US and Europe. 

If you're attending in-person, please set your timezone to "Europe/Vienna" using the link below.

Your current timezone:  (Change). (Note: the paper browser uses your system timezone).


We encourage everyone to view the sponsors just like you would at the physical conference


Everyone is expected to follow the Code of Conduct. We recommend you start with the conference schedule, and read below to learn more about how to use all elements of the virtual conference site. Thank you to all the organizers who made ICML 2024 possible.

Virtual Site System Requirements

JavaScript must be enabled in your browser. A minimum of 10 mb of inbound bandwidth is recommended.  A Chromium based browser is recommended.

Navigating the Website

You may access all parts of the conference content using the top menu bar on this page. Check the Schedule to get an overview of when the live sessions for Affinity workshops, Invited Speakers and Tutorial events are taking place. You may navigate all the papers in the Papers section. You may search for titles and authors or look through all papers by skimming titles and bookmarking them. You can bookmark other sessions as well. If you go to your name in the top right corner and click on My Bookmarks in the dropdown menu, you can Download the schedule with all sessions you bookmarked and you can import (subscribe) it in your calendar.

Rocket.Chat for Chatting with Authors of Papers

All attendees with registration will automatically have access to Rocket.Chat, a separate Rocket.Chat account is not needed. If you have problems with Rocket.Chat try refreshing the page or logging out and in again. You can also use the desktop client which provides better notification. When you run it enter the server URL: You may be prompted to log into After you log in, select Authenticate with OAuth and then click the blue Authorize button in the Authorize Rocket.Chat window. If you notice pop-up windows flickering, make the window taller.

Personal Program

This year, ICML partners with to provide all attendees personalized conference programs based on personal research interests to more easily navigate the conference sessions. is a community-driven paper recommender system developed by researchers for researchers. Registration at is easy and fast. The personalized programs can be accessed from any mobile device or PC via web browser.


Whova will be the official conference app. Details will be provided closer t=oi the conference

Live Captioning

We will be using automatic live captioning during the talks to help improve accessibility. We recognize that live captioning is beneficial not only for those who are hard of hearing but also for those for whom English is not their native language. That said, we also recognize that these systems are not perfect, and errors occur more often not only for technical terms but also for those whose accents and intonations do not fit the training data.  If you share specific bugs with the D&I Chairs we will share with our provider. We're also always open to constructive feedback on how we can make presentations more accessible and inclusive.

Technical Support

If you need technical support use this form 

If you personally feel concerned or observe someone else have inclusion difficulties, please reach the ICML hotline at or 858-208-3810