ICML 2023 Expo Call for Talks and Panels

Takes place on Sun Jul 23, 2023, Hawaii Convention Center, Honolulu

Submission deadline:  May 31, 2023   

Speakers confirm that their talk will accord with the ICML code of conduct.

Submissions are solicited from ICML sponsors for ICML 2023 Expo, a new component of the International Conference on Machine Learning (ICML 2023), a multitrack, interdisciplinary conference that brings together researchers in machine learning, neural computational and their applications.

Talks and panels will be held on Sun Jul 23, 2023, the day before the ICML 2023 main conference tutorials.

We invite sponsors to submit proposals for talks and panels on topics that are relevant to the ICML community. Submissions will be evaluated on their general interest, potential impact, and timeliness.

Subject areas include:

  1. Applications
  2. Software
  3. Hardware
  4. Algorithms
  5. Neuroscience and AI
  6. Research opportunities

Submission Format:

  • Title of the Talk/Panel
  • Name and contact information of the organizer
  • (phone number, email address, physical address)
  • Name(s) and affiliation of speaker(s)
  • Abstract of the talk/panel.


Submit at: Expo Talk and Panels Application »