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General Sequential Episodic Memory Model

Arjun Karuvally · Terrence Sejnowski · Hava Siegelmann

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The state-of-the-art memory model is the General Associative Memory Model, a generalization of the classical Hopfield network. Like its ancestor, the general associative memory has a well-defined state-dependant energy surface, and its memories correlate with its fixed points. This is unlike human memories, which are commonly sequential rather than separated fixed points. In this paper, we introduce a class of General Sequential Episodic Memory Models (GSEMM) that, in the adiabatic limit, exhibit a dynamic energy surface, leading to a series of meta-stable states capable of encoding memory sequences. A multiple-timescale architecture enables the dynamic nature of the energy surface with newly introduced asymmetric synapses and signal propagation delays. We demonstrate its dense capacity under polynomial activation functions. GSEMM combines separate memories, short and long sequential episodic memories, under a unified theoretical framework, demonstrating how energy-based memory modeling can provide richer, human-like episodes.

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