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Efficient PAC Learning from the Crowd with Pairwise Comparisons

Shiwei Zeng · Jie Shen

Hall F


We study crowdsourced PAC learning of threshold function, where the labels are gathered from a pool of annotators some of whom may behave adversarially. This is yet a challenging problem and until recently has computationally and query efficient PAC learning algorithm been established by Awasthi et al. (2017). In this paper, we show that by leveraging the more easily acquired pairwise comparison queries, it is possible to exponentially reduce the label complexity while retaining the overall query complexity and runtime. Our main algorithmic contributions are a comparison-equipped labeling scheme that can faithfully recover the true labels of a small set of instances, and a label-efficient filtering process that in conjunction with the small labeled set can reliably infer the true labels of a large instance set.

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