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Long-Term Rhythmic Video Soundtracker

Jiashuo Yu · Yaohui Wang · Xinyuan Chen · Xiao Sun · Yu Qiao

Exhibit Hall 1 #727


We consider the problem of generating musical soundtracks in sync with rhythmic visual cues. Most existing works rely on pre-defined music representations, leading to the incompetence of generative flexibility and complexity. Other methods directly generating video-conditioned waveforms suffer from limited scenarios, short lengths, and unstable generation quality. To this end, we present Long-Term Rhythmic Video Soundtracker (LORIS), a novel framework to synthesize long-term conditional waveforms. Specifically, our framework consists of a latent conditional diffusion probabilistic model to perform waveform synthesis. Furthermore, a series of context-aware conditioning encoders are proposed to take temporal information into consideration for a long-term generation. Notably, we extend our model's applicability from dances to multiple sports scenarios such as floor exercise and figure skating. To perform comprehensive evaluations, we establish a benchmark for rhythmic video soundtracks including the pre-processed dataset, improved evaluation metrics, and robust generative baselines. Extensive experiments show that our model generates long-term soundtracks with state-of-the-art musical quality and rhythmic correspondence. Codes are available at

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