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A Closer Look at Few-shot Classification Again

Xu Luo · Hao Wu · Ji Zhang · Lianli Gao · Jing Xu · Jingkuan Song

Exhibit Hall 1 #712


Few-shot classification consists of a training phase where a model is learned on a relatively large dataset and an adaptation phase where the learned model is adapted to previously-unseen tasks with limited labeled samples. In this paper, we empirically prove that the training algorithm and the adaptation algorithm can be completely disentangled, which allows algorithm analysis and design to be done individually for each phase. Our meta-analysis for each phase reveals several interesting insights that may help better understand key aspects of few-shot classification and connections with other fields such as visual representation learning and transfer learning. We hope the insights and research challenges revealed in this paper can inspire future work in related directions. Code and pre-trained models (in PyTorch) are available at

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