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CLUSTSEG: Clustering for Universal Segmentation

James Liang · Tianfei Zhou · Dongfang Liu · Wenguan Wang

Exhibit Hall 1 #733

Abstract: We present CLUSTSEG, a general, transformer-based framework that tackles different image segmentation tasks ($i.e.,$ superpixel, semantic, instance, and panoptic) through a unified, neural clustering scheme. Regarding queries as cluster centers, CLUSTSEG is innovative in two aspects: 1) cluster centers are initialized in heterogeneous ways so as to pointedly address task-specific demands ($e.g.,$ instance- or category-level distinctiveness), yet without modifying the architecture; and 2) pixel-cluster assignment, formalized in a cross-attention fashion, is alternated with cluster center update, yet without learning additional parameters. These innovations closely link CLUSTSEG to EM clustering and make it a transparent and powerful framework that yields superior results across the above segmentation tasks.

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