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Multiple Thinking Achieving Meta-Ability Decoupling for Object Navigation

Ronghao Dang · Lu Chen · Liuyi Wang · Zongtao He · Chengju Liu · Qijun Chen

Exhibit Hall 1 #616
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We propose a meta-ability decoupling (MAD) paradigm, which brings together various object navigation methods in an architecture system, allowing them to mutually enhance each other and evolve together. Based on the MAD paradigm, we design a multiple thinking (MT) model that leverages distinct thinking to abstract various meta-abilities. Our method decouples meta-abilities from three aspects: input, encoding, and reward while employing the multiple thinking collaboration (MTC) module to promote mutual cooperation between thinking. MAD introduces a novel qualitative and quantitative interpretability system for object navigation. Through extensive experiments on AI2-Thor and RoboTHOR, we demonstrate that our method outperforms state-of-the-art (SOTA) methods on both typical and zero-shot object navigation tasks.

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