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ClusterFuG: Clustering Fully connected Graphs by Multicut

Ahmed Abbas · Paul Swoboda

Exhibit Hall 1 #532


We propose a graph clustering formulation based on multicut (a.k.a. weighted correlation clustering) on the complete graph. Our formulation does not need specification of the graph topology as in the original sparse formulation of multicut, making our approach simpler and potentially better performing. In contrast to unweighted correlation clustering we allow for a more expressive weighted cost structure. In dense multicut, the clustering objective is given in a factorized form as inner products of node feature vectors. This allows for an efficient formulation and inference in contrast to multicut/weighted correlation clustering, which has at least quadratic representation and computation complexity when working on the complete graph. We show how to rewrite classical greedy algorithms for multicut in our dense setting and how to modify them for greater efficiency and solution quality. In particular, our algorithms scale to graphs with tens of thousands of nodes. Empirical evidence on instance segmentation on Cityscapes and clustering of ImageNet datasets shows the merits of our approach.

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