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Optimal Arms Identification with Knapsacks

Shaoang Li · Lan Zhang · Yingqi Yu · Xiangyang Li

Exhibit Hall 1 #234
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Best Arm Identification (BAI) is a general online pure exploration framework to identify optimal decisions among candidates via sequential interactions. We pioneer the Optimal Arms identification with Knapsacks (OAK) problem, which extends the BAI setting to model the resource consumption. We present a novel OAK algorithm and prove the upper bound of our algorithm by exploring the relationship between selecting optimal actions and the structure of the feasible region. Our analysis introduces a new complexity measure, which builds a bridge between the OAK setting and bandits with knapsacks problem. We establish the instance-dependent lower bound for the OAK problem based on the new complexity measure. Our results show that the proposed algorithm achieves a near-optimal probability bound for the OAK problem. In addition, we demonstrate that our algorithm recovers or improves the state-of-the-art upper bounds for several special cases, including the simple OAK setting and some classical pure exploration problems.

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