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DS-1000: A Natural and Reliable Benchmark for Data Science Code Generation

Yuhang Lai · Chengxi Li · Yiming Wang · Tianyi Zhang · Ruiqi Zhong · Luke Zettlemoyer · Scott Yih · Daniel Fried · Sida Wang · Tao Yu

Exhibit Hall 1 #806


We introduce DS-1000, a code generation benchmark with a thousand data science problems spanning seven Python libraries, such as Numpy and Pandas. Compared to prior works, DS-1000 incorporates three core features. First, our problems reflect diverse, realistic, and practical use cases since we collected them from StackOverflow. Second, our automatic evaluation is highly specific (reliable) -- across all Codex-002-predicted solutions that our evaluation accepts, only 1.8% of them are incorrect; we achieve this with multi-criteria metrics, checking both functional correctness by running test cases and surface-form constraints by restricting API usages or keywords. Finally, we proactively defend against memorization by slightly modifying our problems to be different from the original StackOverflow source; consequently, models cannot answer them correctly by memorizing the solutions from pre-training. The current best public system (Codex-002) achieves 43.3% accuracy, leaving ample room for improvement. We release our benchmark at

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