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PreNAS: Preferred One-Shot Learning Towards Efficient Neural Architecture Search

Haibin Wang · Ce Ge · Hesen Chen · XIuyu Sun

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The wide application of pre-trained models is driving the trend of once-for-all training in one-shot neural architecture search (NAS). However, training within a huge sample space damages the performance of individual subnets and requires much computation to search for a optimal model. In this paper, we present PreNAS, a search-free NAS approach that accentuates target models in one-shot training. Specifically, the sample space is dramatically reduced in advance by a zero-cost selector, and weight-sharing one-shot training is performed on the preferred architectures to alleviate update conflicts. Extensive experiments have demonstrated that PreNAS consistently outperforms state-of-the-art one-shot NAS competitors for both Vision Transformer and convolutional architectures, and importantly, enables instant specialization with zero search cost. Our code is available at

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