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Unveiling The Mask of Position-Information Pattern Through the Mist of Image Features

Chieh Lin · Hung-Yu Tseng · Hsin-Ying Lee · Maneesh Singh · Ming-Hsuan Yang

Exhibit Hall 1 #103
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Recent studies have shown that paddings in convolutional neural networks encode absolute position information which can negatively affect the model performance for certain tasks. However, existing metrics for quantifying the strength of positional information remain unreliable and frequently lead to erroneous results. To address this issue, we propose novel metrics for measuring and visualizing the encoded positional information. We formally define the encoded information as Position-information Pattern from Padding (PPP) and conduct a series of experiments to study its properties as well as its formation. The proposed metrics measure the presence of positional information more reliably than the existing metrics based on PosENet and tests in F-Conv. We also demonstrate that for any extant (and proposed) padding schemes, PPP is primarily a learning artifact and is less dependent on the characteristics of the underlying padding schemes.

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