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Graph Mixup with Soft Alignments

Hongyi Ling · Zhimeng Jiang · Meng Liu · Shuiwang Ji · Na Zou

Exhibit Hall 1 #235
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We study graph data augmentation by mixup, which has been used successfully on images. A key operation of mixup is to compute a convex combination of a pair of inputs. This operation is straightforward for grid-like data, such as images, but challenging for graph data. The key difficulty lies in the fact that different graphs typically have different numbers of nodes, and thus there lacks a node-level correspondence between graphs. In this work, we propose S-Mixup, a simple yet effective mixup method for graph classification by soft alignments. Specifically, given a pair of graphs, we explicitly obtain node-level correspondence via computing a soft assignment matrix to match the nodes between two graphs. Based on the soft assignments, we transform the adjacency and node feature matrices of one graph, so that the transformed graph is aligned with the other graph. In this way, any pair of graphs can be mixed directly to generate an augmented graph. We conduct systematic experiments to show that S-Mixup can improve the performance and generalization of graph neural networks (GNNs) on various graph classification tasks. In addition, we show that S-Mixup can increase the robustness of GNNs against noisy labels. Our code is publicly available as part of the DIG package (

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