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Rethinking Visual Reconstruction: Experience-Based Content Completion Guided by Visual Cues

Jiaxuan Chen · Yu Qi · Gang Pan

Exhibit Hall 1 #326
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Decoding seen images from brain activities has been an absorbing field. However, the reconstructed images still suffer from low quality with existing studies. This can be because our visual system is not like a camera that ''remembers'' every pixel. Instead, only part of the information can be perceived with our selective attention, and the brain ''guesses'' the rest to form what we think we see. Most existing approaches ignored the brain completion mechanism. In this work, we propose to reconstruct seen images with both the visual perception and the brain completion process, and design a simple, yet effective visual decoding framework to achieve this goal. Specifically, we first construct a shared discrete representation space for both brain signals and images. Then, a novel self-supervised token-to-token inpainting network is designed to implement visual content completion by building context and prior knowledge about the visual objects from the discrete latent space. Our approach improved the quality of visual reconstruction significantly and achieved state-of-the-art.

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