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Do You Remember? Overcoming Catastrophic Forgetting for Fake Audio Detection

XiaoHui Zhang · Jiangyan Yi · Jianhua Tao · Chenglong Wang · Chu Yuan Zhang

Exhibit Hall 1 #107


Current fake audio detection algorithms have achieved promising performances on most datasets. However, their performance may be significantly degraded when dealing with audio of a different dataset. The orthogonal weight modification to overcome catastrophic forgetting does not consider the similarity of genuine audio across different datasets. To overcome this limitation, we propose a continual learning algorithm for fake audio detection to overcome catastrophic forgetting, called Regularized Adaptive Weight Modification (RAWM). When fine-tuning a detection network, our approach adaptively computes the direction of weight modification according to the ratio of genuine utterances and fake utterances. The adaptive modification direction ensures the network can effectively detect fake audio on the new dataset while preserving its knowledge of old model, thus mitigating catastrophic forgetting. In addition, genuine audio collected from quite different acoustic conditions may skew their feature distribution, so we introduce a regularization constraint to force the network to remember the old distribution in this regard. Our method can easily be generalized to related fields, like speech emotion recognition. We also evaluate our approach across multiple datasets and obtain a significant performance improvement on cross-dataset experiments.

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