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Adversarial Collaborative Learning on Non-IID Features

Qinbin Li · Bingsheng He · Dawn Song

Exhibit Hall 1 #309
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Federated Learning (FL) has been a popular approach to enable collaborative learning on multiple parties without exchanging raw data. However, the model performance of FL may degrade a lot due to non-IID data. While many FL algorithms focus on non-IID labels, FL on non-IID features has largely been overlooked. Different from typical FL approaches, the paper proposes a new learning concept called ADCOL (Adversarial Collaborative Learning) for non-IID features. Instead of adopting the widely used model-averaging scheme, ADCOL conducts training in an adversarial way: the server aims to train a discriminator to distinguish the representations of the parties, while the parties aim to generate a common representation distribution. Our experiments show that ADCOL achieves better performance than state-of-the-art FL algorithms on non-IID features.

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