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Fourmer: An Efficient Global Modeling Paradigm for Image Restoration

Man Zhou · Jie Huang · Chunle Guo · Chongyi Li

Exhibit Hall 1 #225


Global modeling-based image restoration frameworks have become popular. However, they often require a high memory footprint and do not consider task-specific degradation. Our work presents an alternative approach to global modeling that is more efficient for image restoration. The key insights which motivate our study are two-fold: 1) Fourier transform is capable of disentangling image degradation and content component to a certain extent, serving as the image degradation prior, and 2) Fourier domain innately embraces global properties, where each pixel in the Fourier space is involved with all spatial pixels. While adhering to the ``spatial interaction + channel evolution'' rule of previous studies, we customize the core designs with Fourier spatial interaction modeling and Fourier channel evolution. Our paradigm, Fourmer, achieves competitive performance on common image restoration tasks such as image de-raining, image enhancement, image dehazing, and guided image super-resolution, while requiring fewer computational resources. The code for Fourmer will be made publicly available.

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