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Distributed Linear Bandits under Communication Constraints

Sudeep Salgia · Qing Zhao

Exhibit Hall 1 #440

Abstract: We consider distributed linear bandits where $M$ agents learn collaboratively to minimize the overall cumulative regret incurred by all agents. Information exchange is facilitated by a central server, and both the uplink and downlink communications are carried over channels with fixed capacity, which limits the amount of information that can be transmitted in each use of the channels. We investigate the regret-communication trade-off by (i) establishing information-theoretic lower bounds on the required communications (in terms of bits) for achieving a sublinear regret order; (ii) developing an efficient algorithm that achieves the minimum sublinear regret order offered by centralized learning using the minimum order of communications dictated by the information-theoretic lower bounds. For sparse linear bandits, we show a variant of the proposed algorithm offers better regret-communication trade-off by leveraging the sparsity of the problem.

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