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Optimal Online Generalized Linear Regression with Stochastic Noise and Its Application to Heteroscedastic Bandits

Heyang Zhao · Dongruo Zhou · Jiafan He · Quanquan Gu

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Abstract: We study the problem of online generalized linear regression in the stochastic setting, where the label is generated from a generalized linear model with possibly unbounded additive noise. We provide a sharp analysis of the classical *follow-the-regularized-leader* (FTRL) algorithm to cope with the label noise. More specifically, for $\sigma$-sub-Gaussian label noise, our analysis provides a regret upper bound of $O(\sigma^2 d \log T) + o(\log T)$, where $d$ is the dimension of the input vector, $T$ is the total number of rounds. We also prove an $\Omega(\sigma^2d\log(T/d))$ lower bound for stochastic online linear regression, which indicates that our upper bound is nearly optimal. In addition, we extend our analysis to a more refined Bernstein noise condition. As an application, we study generalized linear bandits with heterogeneous noise and propose an algorithm based on FTRL to achieve the first variance-aware regret bound.

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