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Efficient List-Decodable Regression using Batches

Abhimanyu Das · Ayush Jain · Weihao Kong · Rajat Sen

Exhibit Hall 1 #726

Abstract: We demonstrate the use of batches in studying list-decodable linear regression, in which only $\alpha\in (0,1]$ fraction of batches contain genuine samples from a common distribution and the rest can contain arbitrary or even adversarial samples. When genuine batches have $\ge \tilde\Omega(1/\alpha)$ samples each, our algorithm can efficiently find a small list of potential regression parameters, with a high probability that one of them is close to the true parameter. This is the first polynomial time algorithm for list-decodable linear regression, and its sample complexity scales nearly linearly with the dimension of the covariates. The polynomial time algorithm is made possible by the batch structure and may not be feasible without it, as suggested by a recent Statistical Query lower bound (Diakonikolas et al., 2021b).

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