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Bandits with Knapsacks: Advice on Time-Varying Demands

Lixing Lyu · Wang Chi Cheung

Exhibit Hall 1 #441
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Abstract: We consider a non-stationary Bandits with Knapsack problem. The outcome distribution at each time is scaled by a non-stationary quantity that signifies changing demand volumes. Instead of studying settings with limited non-stationarity, we investigate how online predictions on the total demand volume $Q$ allows us to improve our performance guarantees. We show that, without any prediction, any online algorithm incurs a linear-in-$T$ regret. In contrast, with online predictions on $Q$, we propose an online algorithm that judiciously incorporates the predictions, and achieve regret bounds that depends on the accuracy of the predictions. These bounds are shown to be tight in settings when prediction accuracy improves across time. Our theoretical results are corroborated by our numerical findings.

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