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Trapdoor Normalization with Irreversible Ownership Verification

Hanwen Liu · Zhenyu Weng · Yuesheng Zhu · Yadong Mu

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This paper introduces a deep model watermark with an irreversible ownership verification scheme: Trapdoor Normalization (TdN), inspired by the trapdoor function in traditional cryptography. To protect intellectual property within deep models, the proposed method is able to embed ownership information into normalization layers during training. We argue and empirically validate that relevant methods are vulnerable to ambiguity attacks, where the forged watermarks can cast ambiguity over the ownership verification. The primary trait that distinguishes this work from previous ones, is its design of a bidirectional connection between watermarks and deep models. Thereby, TdN enables an irreversible ownership verification scheme that is difficult for the adversary to compromise. In this way, the proposed TdN can effectively defeat ambiguity attacks. Extensive experiments demonstrate that the proposed method is not only superior to previous state-of-the-art methods in robustness, but also has better efficiency.

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