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Fair Neighbor Embedding

Jaakko Peltonen · Wen Xu · Timo Nummenmaa · Jyrki Nummenmaa

Exhibit Hall 1 #417
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We consider fairness in dimensionality reduction. Nonlinear dimensionality reduction yields low dimensional representations that let users visualize and explore high-dimensional data. However, traditional dimensionality reduction may yield biased visualizations overemphasizing relationships of societal phenomena to sensitive attributes or protected groups. We introduce a framework of fair neighbor embedding, the Fair Neighbor Retrieval Visualizer, which formulates fair nonlinear dimensionality reduction as an information retrieval task whose performance and fairness are quantified by information retrieval criteria. The method optimizes low-dimensional embeddings that preserve high-dimensional data neighborhoods without yielding biased association of such neighborhoods to protected groups. In experiments the method yields fair visualizations outperforming previous methods.

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