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Improved Analysis of Score-based Generative Modeling: User-Friendly Bounds under Minimal Smoothness Assumptions

Hongrui Chen · Holden Lee · Jianfeng Lu

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Abstract: We give an improved theoretical analysis of score-based generative modeling. Under a score estimate with small $L^2$ error (averaged across timesteps), we provide efficient convergence guarantees for any data distribution with second-order moment, by either employing early stopping or assuming smoothness condition on the score function of the data distribution. Our result does not rely on any log-concavity or functional inequality assumption and has a logarithmic dependence on the smoothness. In particular, we show that under only a finite second moment condition, approximating the following in reverse KL divergence in $\epsilon$-accuracy can be done in $\tilde O\left(\frac{d \log (1/\delta)}{\epsilon}\right)$ steps: 1) the variance-$\delta$ Gaussian perturbation of any data distribution; 2) data distributions with $1/\delta$-smooth score functions. Our analysis also provides a quantitative comparison between different discrete approximations and may guide the choice of discretization points in practice.

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