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Label differential privacy and private training data release

Robert Busa-Fekete · andres munoz · Umar Syed · Sergei Vassilvitskii

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We study differentially private mechanisms for sharing training data in machine learning settings. Our goal is to enable learning of an accurate predictive model while protecting the privacy of each user's label. Previous work established privacy guarantees that assumed the features are public and given exogenously, a setting known as label differential privacy. In some scenarios, this can be a strong assumption that removes the interplay between features and labels from the privacy analysis. We relax this approach and instead assume the features are drawn from a distribution that depends on the private labels. We first show that simply adding noise to the label, as in previous work, can lead to an arbitrarily weak privacy guarantee, and also present methods for estimating this privacy loss from data. We then present a new mechanism that replaces some training examples with synthetically generated data, and show that our mechanism has a much better privacy-utility tradeoff if the synthetic data is ‘realistic’, in a certain quantifiable sense. Finally, we empirically validate our theoretical analysis.

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