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Beam Tree Recursive Cells

Jishnu Ray Chowdhury · Cornelia Caragea

Exhibit Hall 1 #228

Abstract: We propose Beam Tree Recursive Cell (BT-Cell) - a backpropagation-friendly framework to extend Recursive Neural Networks (RvNNs) with beam search for latent structure induction. We further extend this framework by proposing a relaxation of the hard top-$k$ operators in beam search for better propagation of gradient signals. We evaluate our proposed models in different out-of-distribution splits in both synthetic and realistic data. Our experiments show that BT-Cell achieves near-perfect performance on several challenging structure-sensitive synthetic tasks like ListOps and logical inference while maintaining comparable performance in realistic data against other RvNN-based models. Additionally, we identify a previously unknown failure case for neural models in generalization to unseen number of arguments in ListOps. The code is available at:

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