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Towards Constituting Mathematical Structures for Learning to Optimize

Jialin Liu · Xiaohan Chen · Zhangyang “Atlas” Wang · Wotao Yin · HanQin Cai

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Learning to Optimize (L2O), a technique that utilizes machine learning to learn an optimization algorithm automatically from data, has gained arising attention in recent years. A generic L2O approach parameterizes the iterative update rule and learns the update direction as a black-box network. While the generic approach is widely applicable, the learned model can overfit and may not generalize well to out-of-distribution test sets. In this paper, we derive the basic mathematical conditions that successful update rules commonly satisfy. Consequently, we propose a novel L2O model with a mathematics-inspired structure that is broadly applicable and generalized well to out-of-distribution problems. Numerical simulations validate our theoretical findings and demonstrate the superior empirical performance of the proposed L2O model.

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