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Subequivariant Graph Reinforcement Learning in 3D Environments

Runfa Chen · Jiaqi Han · Fuchun Sun · Wenbing Huang

Ballroom B


Learning a shared policy that guides the locomotion of different agents is of core interest in Reinforcement Learning (RL), which leads to the study of morphology-agnostic RL. However, existing benchmarks are highly restrictive in the choice of starting point and target point, constraining the movement of the agents within 2D space. In this work, we propose a novel setup for morphology-agnostic RL, dubbed Subequivariant Graph RL in 3D environments (3D-SGRL). Specifically, we first introduce a new set of more practical yet challenging benchmarks in 3D space that allows the agent to have full Degree-of-Freedoms to explore in arbitrary directions starting from arbitrary configurations. Moreover, to optimize the policy over the enlarged state-action space, we propose to inject geometric symmetry, i.e., subequivariance, into the modeling of the policy and Q-function such that the policy can generalize to all directions, improving exploration efficiency. This goal is achieved by a novel SubEquivariant Transformer (SET) that permits expressive message exchange. Finally, we evaluate the proposed method on the proposed benchmarks, where our method consistently and significantly outperforms existing approaches on single-task, multi-task, and zero-shot generalization scenarios. Extensive ablations are also conducted to verify our design.

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