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Affinity Workshop

LatinX in AI (LXAI) Workshop

Laura Montoya · Jose Gallego-Posada · Pablo Rivas · Vinicius Carida · Mateo Espinosa Zarlenga · Carlos Miranda · Andres Marquez · Ramesh Doddaiah · David Alvarez-Melis · Ivan Dario Arraut Guerrero · Mateo Guaman Castro · Ana Maria Quintero-Ossa · Fabian Latorre · Julio Hurtado · Jaime David Acevedo-Viloria · Miguel Felipe Arevalo-Castiblanco

Meeting Room 315


The LatinX in AI research workshop is a one-day event with invited speakers, oralpresentations, and posters. The event brings together faculty, graduate students, research scientists, and engineers for an opportunity to connect and exchange ideas. There will be a panel discussion and a mentoring session to discuss current research trends and career choices in artificial intelligence and machine learning, highlighting the unique challenges of LatinX identifying researchers. The workshop aims to create a platform for the work of Latinx researchers and we invite everyone to attend.

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