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Workshop: ICML 2023 Workshop on Computational Biology

Spotlight Talks

Kristina Ulicna · Truong Son Hy · Cuong Nguyen · Kavi Gupta · Simon Mathis

  1. Kristina Ulicna - Learning dynamic image representations for self-supervised cell cycle annotation
  2. Nhat Khang Ngo - Multiresolution Graph Transformers and Wavelet Positional Encoding for Learning Hierarchical Structures
  3. Cuong Q Nguyen - Molecule-Morphology Contrastive Pretraining for Transferable Molecular Representation
  4. Kavi Gupta - Improved modeling of RNA-binding protein motifs in an interpretable neural model of RNA splicing
  5. Simon V Mathis - Normal Mode Diffusion: Towards Dynamics-informed Protein Design

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