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Workshop: Differentiable Almost Everything: Differentiable Relaxations, Algorithms, Operators, and Simulators

SIMPLE: A Gradient Estimator for $k$-subset Sampling

Kareem Ahmed · Zhe Zeng · Mathias Niepert · Guy Van den Broeck

Abstract: $k$-subset sampling is ubiquitous in machine learning, enabling regularization and interpretability through sparsity.The challenge lies in rendering $k$-subset sampling amenable to end-to-end learning.This has typically involved relaxing the reparameterized samples to allow for backpropagation, with the risk of introducing high bias and high variance.In this work, we fall back to discrete $k$-subset sampling on the forward pass.This is coupled with using the gradient with respect to the exact marginals, computed efficiently, as a proxy for the true gradient.We show that our gradient estimator, SIMPLE, exhibits lower bias and variance compared to state-of-the-art estimators,including the straight-through Gumbel estimator when $k=1$.Empirical results show improved performance on learning to explain and sparse linear regression.We give an algorithm computing the exact ELBO for the $k$-subset distribution, obtaining significantly lower loss than SOTA.

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