ICML 2022
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Workshop on Machine Learning in Computational Design

Andrew Spielberg · Caitlin Mueller · Lydia Chilton · Rafael Gomez-Bombarelli · Vladimir Kim · Daniel Ritchie · Wengong Jin

Room 307

Recent years have seen a proliferation of models, algorithms, and infrastructure well-suited to complex problems in computational design, from virtual design problems in geometry, program synthesis, and web design to tangible design of molecules, materials, robots, architecture, carpentry, 3D printed models, and other domains. This workshop provides an opportunity for researchers and practitioners to discuss shared problems and solutions in computational design and bridge the gaps between (and within) theory and practice. The workshop will be highly interactive, featuring long talks, short talks, poster sessions, discussion panels, and demos of multiple forms. This is the first workshop of its kind at ICML; we hope that this event will set the stage for many follow-on workshops to come.

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Timezone: America/Los_Angeles