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Spatial-Channel Token Distillation for Vision MLPs

Yanxi Li · Xinghao Chen · Minjing Dong · Yehui Tang · Yunhe Wang · Chang Xu

Ballroom 1 & 2
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Recently, neural architectures with all Multi-layer Perceptrons (MLPs) have attracted great research interest from the computer vision community. However, the inefficient mixing of spatial-channel information causes MLP-like vision models to demand tremendous pre-training on large-scale datasets. This work solves the problem from a novel knowledge distillation perspective. We propose a novel Spatial-channel Token Distillation (STD) method, which improves the information mixing in the two dimensions by introducing distillation tokens to each of them. A mutual information regularization is further introduced to let distillation tokens focus on their specific dimensions and maximize the performance gain. Extensive experiments on ImageNet for several MLP-like architectures demonstrate that the proposed token distillation mechanism can efficiently improve the accuracy. For example, the proposed STD boosts the top-1 accuracy of Mixer-S16 on ImageNet from 73.8% to 75.7% without any costly pre-training on JFT-300M. When applied to stronger architectures, e.g. CycleMLP-B1 and CycleMLP-B2, STD can still harvest about 1.1% and 0.5% accuracy gains, respectively.

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