PLATINUM: Semi-Supervised Model Agnostic Meta-Learning using Submodular Mutual Information

Changbin Li · Suraj Kothawade · Feng Chen · Rishabh Iyer

Ballroom 1 & 2
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Wed 20 Jul 11:35 a.m. — 11:40 a.m. PDT
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Few-shot classification (FSC) requires training models using a few (typically one to five) data points per class. Meta-learning has proven to be able to learn a parametrized model for FSC by training on various other classification tasks. In this work, we propose PLATINUM (semi-suPervised modeL Agnostic meTa learnIng usiNg sUbmodular Mutual information ), a novel semi-supervised model agnostic meta learning framework that uses the submodular mutual in- formation (SMI) functions to boost the perfor- mance of FSC. PLATINUM leverages unlabeled data in the inner and outer loop using SMI func- tions during meta-training and obtains richer meta- learned parameterizations. We study the per- formance of PLATINUM in two scenarios - 1) where the unlabeled data points belong to the same set of classes as the labeled set of a cer- tain episode, and 2) where there exist out-of- distribution classes that do not belong to the la- beled set. We evaluate our method on various settings on the miniImageNet, tieredImageNet and CIFAR-FS datasets. Our experiments show that PLATINUM outperforms MAML and semi- supervised approaches like pseduo-labeling for semi-supervised FSC, especially for small ratio of labeled to unlabeled samples.

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