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Spectral Representation of Robustness Measures for Optimization Under Input Uncertainty

Jixiang Qing · Tom Dhaene · Ivo Couckuyt

Room 307


We study the inference of mean-variance robustness measures to quantify input uncertainty under the Gaussian Process (GP) framework. These measures are widely used in applications where the robustness of the solution is of interest, for example, in engineering design. While the variance is commonly used to characterize the robustness, Bayesian inference of the variance using GPs is known to be challenging. In this paper, we propose a Spectral Representation of Robustness Measures based on the GP's spectral representation, i.e., an analytical approach to approximately infer both robustness measures for normal and uniform input uncertainty distributions. We present two approximations based on different Fourier features and compare their accuracy numerically. To demonstrate their utility and efficacy in robust Bayesian Optimization, we integrate the analytical robustness measures in three standard acquisition functions for various robust optimization formulations. We show their competitive performance on numerical benchmarks and real-life applications.

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