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A Neural Tangent Kernel Perspective of GANs

Jean-Yves Franceschi · Emmanuel de B├ęzenac · Ibrahim Ayed · Mickael Chen · Sylvain Lamprier · Patrick Gallinari

Room 301 - 303


We propose a novel theoretical framework of analysis for Generative Adversarial Networks (GANs). We reveal a fundamental flaw of previous analyses which, by incorrectly modeling GANs' training scheme, are subject to ill-defined discriminator gradients. We overcome this issue which impedes a principled study of GAN training, solving it within our framework by taking into account the discriminator's architecture. To this end, we leverage the theory of infinite-width neural networks for the discriminator via its Neural Tangent Kernel. We characterize the trained discriminator for a wide range of losses and establish general differentiability properties of the network. From this, we derive new insights about the convergence of the generated distribution, advancing our understanding of GANs' training dynamics. We empirically corroborate these results via an analysis toolkit based on our framework, unveiling intuitions that are consistent with GAN practice.

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