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DynaMixer: A Vision MLP Architecture with Dynamic Mixing

Ziyu Wang · Wenhao Jiang · Yiming Zhu · Li Yuan · Yibing Song · Wei Liu


Keywords: [ MISC: Supervised Learning ] [ APP: Computer Vision ]


Recently, MLP-like vision models have achieved promising performances on mainstream visual recognition tasks. In contrast with vision transformers and CNNs, the success of MLP-like models shows that simple information fusion operations among tokens and channels can yield a good representation power for deep recognition models. However, existing MLP-like models fuse tokens through static fusion operations, lacking adaptability to the contents of the tokens to be mixed. Thus, customary information fusion procedures are not effective enough. To this end, this paper presents an efficient MLP-like network architecture, dubbed DynaMixer, resorting to dynamic information fusion. Critically, we propose a procedure, on which the DynaMixer model relies, to dynamically generate mixing matrices by leveraging the contents of all the tokens to be mixed. To reduce the time complexity and improve the robustness, a dimensionality reduction technique and a multi-segment fusion mechanism are adopted. Our proposed DynaMixer model (97M parameters) achieves 84.3\% top-1 accuracy on the ImageNet-1K dataset without extra training data, performing favorably against the state-of-the-art vision MLP models. When the number of parameters is reduced to 26M, it still achieves 82.7\% top-1 accuracy, surpassing the existing MLP-like models with a similar capacity. The code is available at \url{}.

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