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A deep convolutional neural network that is invariant to time rescaling

Brandon G Jacques · Zoran Tiganj · Aakash Sarkar · Marc Howard · Per Sederberg

Hall E #308

Keywords: [ DL: Sequential Models, Time series ] [ APP: Neuroscience, Cognitive Science ] [ DL: Algorithms ]

Abstract: Human learners can readily understand speech, or a melody, when it is presented slower or faster than usual. This paper presents a deep CNN (SITHCon) that uses a logarithmically compressed temporal representation at each level. Because rescaling the time of the input results in a translation of $\log$ time, and because the output of the convolution is invariant to translations, this network can generalize to out-of-sample data that are temporal rescalings of a learned pattern. We compare the performance of SITHCon to a Temporal Convolution Network (TCN) on classification and regression problems with both univariate and multivariate time series. We find that SITHCon, unlike TCN, generalizes robustly over rescalings of about an order of magnitude. Moreover, we show that the network can generalize over exponentially large scales without retraining the weights simply by extending the range of the logarithmically-compressed temporal memory.

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