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Translatotron 2: High-quality direct speech-to-speech translation with voice preservation

Ye Jia · Michelle Tadmor Ramanovich · Tal Remez · Roi Pomerantz

Hall E #224

Keywords: [ Social Aspects ] [ APP: Language, Speech and Dialog ]


We present Translatotron 2, a neural direct speech-to-speech translation model that can be trained end-to-end. Translatotron 2 consists of a speech encoder, a linguistic decoder, an acoustic synthesizer, and a single attention module that connects them together. Experimental results on three datasets consistently show that Translatotron 2 outperforms the original Translatotron by a large margin on both translation quality (up to +15.5 BLEU) and speech generation quality, and approaches the same of cascade systems. In addition, we propose a simple method for preserving speakers' voices from the source speech to the translation speech in a different language. Unlike existing approaches, the proposed method is able to preserve each speaker's voice on speaker turns without requiring for speaker segmentation. Furthermore, compared to existing approaches, it better preserves speaker's privacy and mitigates potential misuse of voice cloning for creating spoofing audio artifacts.

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