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Variational On-the-Fly Personalization

Jangho Kim · Jun-Tae Lee · Simyung Chang · NOJUN KWAK

Hall E #435

Keywords: [ PM: Bayesian Models and Methods ] [ APP: Computer Vision ] [ APP: Language, Speech and Dialog ] [ DL: Algorithms ]


With the development of deep learning (DL) technologies, the demand for DL-based services on personal devices, such as mobile phones, also increases rapidly. In this paper, we propose a novel personalization method, Variational On-the-Fly Personalization. Compared to the conventional personalization methods that require additional fine-tuning with personal data, the proposed method only requires forwarding a handful of personal data on-the-fly. Assuming even a single personal data can convey the characteristics of a target person, we develop the variational hyper-personalizer to capture the weight distribution of layers that fits the target person. In the testing phase, the hyper-personalizer estimates the model's weights on-the-fly based on personality by forwarding only a small amount of (even a single) personal enrollment data. Hence, the proposed method can perform the personalization without any training software platform and additional cost in the edge device. In experiments, we show our approach can effectively generate reliable personalized models via forwarding (not back-propagating) a handful of samples.

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