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Affinity Workshop

Women in Machine Learning (WiML) Un-Workshop

Vinitra Swamy · Paula Gradu · Mojgan Saeidi · Noor Sajid · Shweta Khushu · Giulia Clerici · Tatjana Chavdarova

Hall G


Since ICML 2020, WiML organizes so-called "un-workshops" at ICML. The un-workshop is based on the concept of an “un-conference”, a form of discussion on a pre-selected topic that is primarily driven by participants. Different from the workshop, the un-workshop’s main focus is the topical "breakout sessions"--where attendees are split into smaller groups, and 2-3 participants per each session---who are preselected prior to the event---lead each discussion on a predefined topic. In addition to the breakout sessions, the un-workshop will include short invited talks, casual informal poster presentations, and a mentoring session. The overall goal of the un-workshop is to advance research through collaboration and increased interaction among participants from diverse backgrounds. Students, postdocs, and researchers in all areas of Machine Learning who primarily identify as a woman and/or nonbinary are encouraged to submit a one-page proposal to lead a breakout session on a certain research topic, and/or to submit a short abstract for the poster session. While all presenters will identify primarily as a woman and/or nonbinary, all genders are invited to attend and participate in the discussions.

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