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Workshop: New Frontiers in Adversarial Machine Learning

Towards Out-of-Distribution Adversarial Robustness

Adam Ibrahim · Charles Guille-Escuret · Ioannis Mitliagkas · Irina Rish · David Krueger · Pouya Bashivan

Abstract: Adversarial robustness continues to be a major challenge for deep learning. A core issue is that robustness to one type of attack often fails to transfer to other attacks. While prior work establishes a theoretical trade-off in robustness against different $L_p$ norms, we show that there is space for improvement against many commonly used attacks by adopting a domain generalisation approach. In particular, we treat different attacks as domains, and apply the method of Risk Extrapolation (REx), which encourages similar levels of robustness against all training attacks. Compared to existing methods, we obtain similar or superior adversarial robustness on attacks seen during training. More significantly, we achieve superior performance on families or tunings of attacks only encountered at test time. On ensembles of attacks, this improves the accuracy from 3.4\% on the best existing baseline to 25.9\% on MNIST, and from 10.7\% to 17.9\% on CIFAR10.

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